Annexed: French Kicks, Frightened Rabbits and Zykos at the Mohawk

6 06 2008

Technically the Mohawk is on Red River, which, if you’re a whiz with a map, means that it’s on the west side of IH-35. But then again, it is on the east side of Congress, so it’s on the east side of the city. So we will annex it … thank you very much!

We caught the tail end of the Zykos and I must say that we were pretty impressed by them for the most part. Enough to make me download some of their music. Legally of course. Check them out here to listen for yourself.

The Frightened Rabbits showed up second on the bill and while we seemed to enjoy them, as did most other people, one person actually said that he liked their name more then their music, which isn’t saying much. But you make up your mind here.

 Next up, the French Kickswith their ever-so-seductive lead singer Nick Stumpf. I swear that half of the women, and maybe men for that matter, fell in love with this crooner the moment he grabbed the mic. Honestly, the place kinda cleared out when these guys showed up. It could have been that people wanted to catch the end of the Obama party at Club Deville…or not, but I must admit, so did we. Check them out here.


edit: Check out pictures from this show at this gallery via




2 responses

9 06 2008

Zykos…kick ass, every show that I have seen them I have been more and more impressed….I have a shit tons of other tunes you guys should check out.


10 06 2008

yeah..they where pretty impressive. i ended up getting their latest album and its pretty good. also go the new french kicks which is more of the same from them. new tunes are always welcomed…

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