Eats: Breakfast at Cisco’s

9 06 2008

We hear that Cisco’s is somewhat famous around these parts so we had to try it for ourselves. According to 10best, it used to be the spot for breakfasting politicians. Supposedly the homemade biscuits and the spicy migas will keep you coming back day after day. But we must admit, we thought it was absolutely horrible. Maybe it’s the fact that my pancakes where literally microwaveable pancakes that were probably bought from H-E-B. When asked for butter, we were expecting a pat of butter but instead we were given a squirt bottle with butter. Seriously folks, the breakfast we were given must have been made by 12 year olds. Here is another thing that really perplexes us. Why in the world are you only open until 2:30 pm!? Seriously, do you have to close up shop early to catch Judge Joe Brown?

Their only saving grace is their homemade biscuits. Other then that…I say skip it and head over to Juan in a Million for some breakfast tacos.




2 responses

1 08 2008

i gotta say, i know people go to cisco’s for the migas w/ fajita meat, and both my boyfriend and i LOVE these migas, and the spicy salsa they are served with always makes my nose run.

that being said, i would never order pancakes here, and nothing else has ever appealed to me from what i have seen at the menu or on other diners plates.

in fact, i am pretty sure i wouldn’t enjoy anything else on the menu.

the squirt butter in a bottle annoys me too….but i don’t need butter for the migas. it would be nice to have some pat butter for the biscuits.

cisco’s is NOT a place to go if you want options.

but if you want just want migas, they offer a tasty version of the popular dish.

4 08 2008

Awesome.. thanks for the info. So to make this easy on everyone..

Migas = Cisco’s
Anything Else = Somewhere Else

Glad to know that we arent crazy for not loving this place!

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