Eats: Cuisine De Cocktail at The Peacock

9 06 2008

Got money to burn this Tuesday? Then shake a tail feather, baby, and head east to The Peacock. How we wish we had some extra cash so we could take advantage of the sumptious 5-course menu at June’s Cuisine de Cocktail at this swanky-meets-funky vintage lounge.  How we long to dine on Thai-style deviled eggs and watermelon salad while drowning our Tuesday blues in a series of mouth-watering cocktails.  But this feast comes with a hefty price tag — $60 per person.  Judging by the menu, it’s well worth it.

The Peacock hosts this event on the second Tuesday of each month. Peacock’s head bartender Slim Neumann (and with a name like that, you know he — or she ?– is a badass) whips up creative cocktails to pair with each course of Cissi’s Market Executive Chef Deegan McLung’s creations. 

Truthfully, we preferred last month’s menu offerings, (this month features a questionable bacon-infused burboun cocktail… even our adventurous taste buds couldn’t quite wrap themselves around that one…), but we’ll surely be saving our pennies and planning to attend this event in the near future.

This month’s event too rich for your blood too? Don’t fret. The Peacock is pouring delightful cocktails daily until 2 a.m. With their lush torquise walls, chic white leather chairs, and regular DJ rotation, we’re planning to make ourselves regulars at this spot.




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9 06 2008

Just as an NB, I’m pretty sure Slim is a woman.

9 06 2008

yeah? you’re probably right. badass with a badass bar — gotta be a chick right? just kidding. we’re not sexist around these parts. but i have to admit a woman named slim is even baddassier then a man named slim. Thanks for the info!!

13 06 2008
Jette' Momant

I assist with the media relations for The Peacock, and you’re right. Slim is a female and she’s pretty bad ass!

I love working with her and the owner, Michael Capochiano!

And if you can’t check out the dinner, The Peacock has great happy hour specials Wed-Thursday and amazing old fashion and original cocktails.



Jette’ Momant

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