Spotted: Sips on 7th

13 06 2008

Coffee shops are popping up like mad around these parts!  The latest edition appears to be Sips on 7th on, uh, 7th street (at Navasota).  They boast a selection of Italian coffees, some tasty looking smoothies, and (drumroll please)  EMPANADAS!!  Yum. We have to be honest here and say we wish they had a different name.  I don’t know.  It’s just not doing it for us.  But they have empanadas, so we’re sold.  And we love seeing new faces in the ‘hood, especialy these friendly faces — patrons sport smiling faces at the cafe’s myspace page here.

 Also, it’s always been a secret (or not so secret…) ambition of ours to start a coffee shop somewhere someday, so we’re all for supporting these folks making their home on the east side.

And did we mention they have EMPANADAS??  Empanadas are the new cupcakes, BTW.





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1 07 2008

Thanks for the shout out! We are closed for a long July 4th weekend, but will reopen on July 8th. Come by and say ‘hey’! We have made lots of new friends in the neighborhood and would love to count you among them. Annette, the owner, grew up in East Austin and says it’s nice to be back ‘home’. The place really is becoming a little community in and of itself; people come in and sit and chat for hours, and we LOVE it! The conversation really flows in this place and all are welcome to put their 2 cents in! Or if you’d rather, you can sit at one of our cozy back corner tables or laptop bar and study or surf as we offer free wi-fi.

The inside is quaint and cozy, we’ve got wonderful espresso-based drinks, oh-so-yummy smoothies, pastries and yes, those delightful empanadas served with either a green salad or Terra chips. Beat the heat with any of our drinks served over ice!

As we say at Sips “May your friendships be like your coffee; rich and warming to the soul…”

7 11 2008

If you like empanadas, please come and see us at 5th and Brazos.


Cody Fields

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