Win Tickets For Tonight’s Mates Of State Show…Sort Of

13 06 2008

If you are interested in the show that we posted about earlier, check out this link on Craigslist and hurry! We thought this is the funniest thing we have seen all week. Thanks for the laugh and good luck on finding Sufjan!

I just won 2 free tickets and a meet and greet with Mates of State today! YAY for me! Except, it’s 2 tickets and I only need one. I know, the tragedy. the tragedy.

Rules are you just gotta pick them up…and then you can split or whatever and you don’t have to stand next to me at the concert and cramp my style, man. Except if you are Sufjan Stevens. Then you are obligated to hold my hand during “Nature and the Wreck” and pretend like you care…you better.. you betterrrrrr.

Preference will be given to Hobo’s, Leslie, or someone who wears a sequined cat sweater.
…or you know, whoever responds first.




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