Big Ass Waffles at Cafe Mundi

17 06 2008

Some of us haven’t been living in Austin for very long, and there has been something that we in particular have been missing … waffles! We have searched near and far for a Belgian waffle with maple syrup and a gigantic slab of butter, but we can’t seem to find anything more than them small store-bought-style waffles. Then one day we happened to be at Cafe Mundi and noticed that they have big ass waffles on their weekend menu! We couldn’t wait…it was Monday and we where 96 hours away from what we where hoping would be our answer to the big waffle famine of 2008.

When Saturday morning arrived, we ordered a couple of waffles with REAL maple syrup! Not the kind that comes in a plastic container … oh, and the best part … they where shaped like stars! Fast forward about three minutes into the future and we were done with them. We wanted so desperately to love them, but they were a little crispier then we would have liked but what can we say … I guess we are waffle snobs. They were good enough to eat every last bite, but not good enough to lick the crumbs off the plate … there is a big difference. We will be back to Cafe Mundi for their waffles and for their delightful atmosphere. Honestly, I think we will grow to love their waffles as if they where our very own.




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