Dorkbot Thursday At Cafe Mundi

18 06 2008

There will be a Dorkbot session this Thursday at Cafe Mundi at 7 p.m. What in the whole wide world of geekdom is Dorkbot, you ask? Well, they are apparently a group of electronic artists … we think. They consist mainly of engineers, hackers, programmer types who feel like they want to express themselves through the art form of gadgetry.


There will be four presentation at this meeting, but they are looking to fill up a few more spots. The most interesting of the presentations for us is the DIY bike alarm! Lord knows we will stab a mo fo if they steal our bikes … so a few thousand volts in their system could keep us from being incarcerated. So if you have something of note, along the lines of the bike alarm or Edwin Wise’s dual-resonant solid-state tesla coil “minibrute” (WTF!?) then contact them to show off your goodies.  




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