Sounds: Built By Snow Tonight At Beauty Bar

19 06 2008

Austin super-buzz band, Built By Snow, will be playing tonight at the Beauty Bar. Built By Snow has been compared to early Weezer, The Cars and  The Strokes … but whatever they may or may not be, we know we like it. Their tracks are full of fun lyrics and just head-banging awesomeness from these lovable self-admitted dorks.

But enough of what we think, let’s hear it straight from the source:


Built By Snow’s driving guitar riffs, unique three-part vocals, and synthetic keyboard melodies combine to form energetic power pop songs that evoke just a hint of 80’s nostaliga.  The quartet began in February of 2006 and has been gathering a devoted fan base at many esteemed clubs around Austin.  After winning a Battle of the Bands in early 2007, they recorded their debut EP, Noise.

Watch for new rad videos and a sophomore EP already in the works. Rest assured, Built By Snow doesn’t take themselves nearly as seriously as this band bio does.

 By the way, here is some Youtube footage of their dorkiness at work.




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