Flickr: East Austin Home Tour

23 06 2008

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New homes are growing like weeds in East Austin — and though some people complain about weeds (and new houses in old neighborhodos) well, we like ’em. Especially when they’re pretty weeds like the homes we saw today on the “Craftmen v.s Modern” tour, which we learned about from our friend, who happens to be a realtor at Kristina Wise and The Good Life Team. (We’re not trying to make any endorsements or anything, we would need them to pay us money or something for that…. hint, hint.  Just kidding.)

We’ll place our bets on modern anyday, especially when the craftsmens are replicas. Now show us the real thing like you might find in California, and we give them pretty even odds. But, we were pleased with most of what we saw today on both sides of the ring.

Among the standouts on the tour was a cute strip of craftsmen style homes that have popped up at 4119 E. 12th street.  It’s kind of tucked away (east of Airport) but man, you get a lot of bang for the buck, we’d say.  Lots of space indoors, a cute backyard/patio area and really nice finishes all around.  Score one for craftsmen.

We also saw a stunner of a modern abode on Riverside and Robert T. Martinez, but it came with a hefty price tag! The layout was quite interesting with an amazing roof deck and patios off of nearly every room. Tons of natural light poured in through the huge windows and frosted panels throughout the house.  One of the three homes is still on the market and the buyer gets to pick the finishes, which is a nice touch.  However, for such a large home, the kitchen was rather small, and the layout very segerated, so we can’t imagine having a big party there like we would want to if we were wealthy enough to afford such a home.  In fact, if we were wealthy enough to afford such a home, we would probably take that money, retire early, and travel the world instead… But man.  That roof deck was something.





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