YouTube: Wise George Edition

23 06 2008

After a lot of digging on YouTube for anything related to East Austin, we found a ton of videos by our new favorite East Austinite, Wise George. He seems to travel around East Austin taking videos of east-side establishments with a heavy dose of personality.

First up is the Scoot Inn, which we haven’t personally visited yet, but have added to our itinerary.

This used to be a run-down Mexican Bar called Red’s Scoot Inn. Now it is just a run-down bar, but a lot less run down. East Austin is slowly but surely becoming part of the City of Austin after years of decay, neglect and general apathy. I’ve been in love with the Eastside for at least twenty years and a lot of the change has been for the good, let’s just not get carried away and gentrify everything. Red would be real proud of what his little beerjoint has become. SXSW2008




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