Musicians … Come Out And Play

24 06 2008 is amazing… want to be a part of possibly the next big buzz band in Austin?

looking for red river street type musicians (east austin)

I write songs, I sing, and I ‘m looking for musicians. Particularly bassists and drummers. I wouldn’t mind some kind of keyboards/synths. I’m loosely affiliated with Business Deal records (Cavedweller, Charles Potts Magic Windmill Band, Pataphysics, Yellow Fever and friends). I’m shooting for a “Red River Street” kind of audience. Some local bands I dig: Silver Pines, Horse + Donkey (RIP), Balmorhea, This Will Destroy You, Explosions in the Sky, Fire vs. Extinguisher, Coma In Algiers, Headdress. You know…that kind of audience.

Hit me up if you might like to jam. I have a ton of songs already written, so if you feel like that nixes a lot of your creative input you might want to look elsewhere. I try not to be dictatorial about my songs, but I do like to shoot down ideas. As with many songwriters, I have my biased “vision” with these songs as they are very personal to me. But I’m also willing to compromise and come to a consensus and hopefully have some kind of growth with these songs. Just don’t be afraid to to shoot down my ideas. I have a ton of songs. I’m sure we can pick through the muck to find the gems. I think a collaborative style of writing is inevitable anyway, if we practice enough. For now, I have enough fuel to get the engine started and running.




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