Eats: East Side Cafe

25 06 2008

East Side Cafe is sort of a staple on this side of town, it seems. The house-turned-cafe sits on acre of land, a third of which is dedicated to a lovely organic garden.  Everything that grows in that garden ends up on patron’s plates, which is pretty darn cool, we think.

This has quickly become one of our favorite places to get a good meal on the East side, and it’s the place we take out-of-town guests to, as well.

With a brunch, lunch, and dinner menu, a nice wine list, and alternating vegetables and daily specials, there really is something for everyone.  The chicken sandwich comes highly recommended (as do the french fries… a crowd pleaser), and you can’t go wrong with the artichoke manicotti and the baked brie with apple chutney (man this is making me hungry!!).  And, though we enjoy wine, we can’t turn down a glass of their hibiscus mint ice tea. It’s pretty freakin’ good.

We have nothing to say of dessert. That’s because we’re always too damn full after our meals!

Prices are moderate, and the atmosphere is cozy (it’s in an old bungalow, after all). We’ve eaten there when they’re packed, and we’ve eaten there when we’re pretty much the only folks around, and either way, the service has been pretty s-l-o-w.  In a way, though, we don’t mind.  It’s sort of that whole, Slow Food thing — take your time, enjoy your meal and enjoy each other’s company. But, I guess what we’re saying here is that it’s not your quick-lunch kind of place.

If you check it out, take a walk around the gardens out back. When we were there, they had a few tiny watermelons growing.  So cute!



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