Critical Mass Tonight

27 06 2008

Once again Jason who runs atxsbs is keeping the bike community up to date with everything that is bike related in Austin. Critical Mass is coming up and here is some info straight from the atxbs digest… sign up for it here. They will be making a pit stop at Radical Dixie Ranch which just relocated to the east side so mount up this evening!

On Friday is Critical Mass so everyone should meet up at the University
Fountain at 5 or so.  Wear a costume…or anything you got…or anything you
don’t got…after all its hot and you can go topless! I’ll probably be
my brand new amish style bonnet…seriously!

After the ride we’ll be headed over to RDR for some beer and good fun.  We
up the yard and hopefully will get enough x-mas lights to make the place
crazy…come visit the chickens and drink beers with us.  It will be mainly
BYOB…but who knows what could happen!
Even if you don’t make it out for the ride come over and party
be getting down till the wee hours of the morning.  Bring instruments,
and anything else amazing you can think of!




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