“The Grateful Undead” Screening Tonight @ 1301 E. 4th St.

28 06 2008

It’s Saturday night and you still don’t have plans? Don’t worry – we know your spontaneous side is looking for a true East Austin indie-experience. Grab your friends and get ready for a night of hippie demons tie-tyed in blood – a self proclaimed “weird movie from Providence”! Admission is free and the film will be projected on the side of a building at 1301 E. 4th Street. Get ready for, “THE GRATEFUL UNDEAD” – tonight at 8PM.  Click here to watch the trailer.

I ran into filmmaker Allen Riley at Rio Rita, who literally is in Austin for a week to show his film guerilla-style around the neighborhood.

Q. Tell me about your film – what should people expect tonight?

I wrote and directed the movie withPatrick May, my best friend. It’s a psychedelic horror-movie. Imagine a ’60s and ’70s drive-in movie, set in the ’90s. We were writing the movie and planning it a couple years ago and at the time it was hard to imagine how to pull off a film in that era when the idea of the ’90s hadn’t really entered pop culture yet. Also, we play it off of VHS so it’s grimy and dark. I’d say it’s like “Slacker” and “Reality Bites” combined with “Easy Rider”.

Q. What was your budget on this film?

A. $850.

Q. What made you come to Austin to show this film? No hippie demon lovers in Rhode Island?

A. We did a tour in January and went house-to-house from Providence to Chicago and back and it was really fun. I wanted to do an ambitious tour to Austin and back this summer, but gas prices continued to rise and it became less and less feasible. So i thought it might be cool to do a self-imposed residency in a city. Rather than drive around from place to place, just ride my bike in one city for awhile. Same effort.

Q. What do you pack on your bike?

A. The other day I had a tree-shaped pot for donations, a VHS player, the video, a video of the 1994 MTV Music Video Awards that sometimes we show before the movie. Today’s a special case, due to the closing of the gallery – we had to get a car to transport the audio equipment.

Q. Showing your film on the side of a building is a bit different than the normal movie experience. Where else have you screened?

A. We’ve done all sorts of weird stuff. Playing it in cafe’s, places that only open for special events, people’s houses and basements, theatres and whatever we could find.

Q. What’s been your favorite East Austin experience so far?

A. The generosity of the people around here has been pretty incredible. David being so helpful (from the Austin Figurative Gallery) and Tyler from Progress helping to set up my screenings. Lee from Pedal Pushers too. Many people here have been going out of their way for me and that’s the only reason this event isn’t totally screwed.

Q. Where should people go for more information about your films?

A. They can visit our website at http://www.emsiac.com/.

Sounds like another fun night in Austin is to be had…check out the upcoming screening schedules.

Jun 29 2008 9:00A
Kelleen’s Mom’s House (Austin, TX)
Jul 2 2008 7:00P
Brave New Books (Austin, TX) @ Brave New Books
Jul 3 2008 8:30P
Monkey Wrench Books (Austin, TX)
Jul 4 2008 8:00A
Beerland (Austin, TX) @



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