Let’s Cook!

30 06 2008

Fancy yourself a “Top Chef” but don’t know how to julienne? Yeah, that would definitely be us. We’re comtemplating signing up for cooking bootcamp at the Kitchen Connection on E. 12th and Cedar.

Their current sessions promise to get you started in the basics of preparing “simple, nutritious meals,” and classes include cooking staples, hyping up your salad, making stews, meats and veggies, and a class on baking cakes, cookies and pies to end things on a sweet note.

Five sessions (15 hours total) for $200.  They also offer one-time specialty courses for $45.  Current one-time offerings include cooking up some quiche,  baking up some cream pies, and tips on becoming an Italian Stallion in their “Italian Connection” class. They are also preparing a three-session bootcamp for September.

With a little training, we could totally impress Chef Ramsey.

 “Who you calling a Donut? Beef Wellington? Comin’ right up sucka!”




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