East Austin Drummers… Get Your Sticks

1 07 2008

We know a few musicians in this town. After all it is Austin. And most of them are looking for one thing… a drummer to be in their band. It’s no surprise that these guys are looking for one too, so we thought we would help them out by putting it up here.

Craigslist Link

looking for a drummer for indie/rock group (east central austin)

Reply to: comm-738140038@craigslist.org
Date: 2008-06-30, 2:16PM CDT

we (still) need a drummer! we’ve been trying folks out, and have a few tryouts scheduled, but thought we’d try putting this up again…we are 3 experienced musicians (bass, 2 guitars) and we need a drummer for the completion of a rock band. we’ve been and/or currently are in these bands: winslow, one fifth griffith, midori umi, the paper south, the hot lava, paradise island, futura, lilywhite, and the list goes on… we all have nice gear, a home rehearsal space for practices, and are the kind of people who are rarely more than 10 minutes late.

we plan on doing a few songs from this band: http://www.myspace.com/onefifthgriffith (the songs Epic and Yards & Yards-downloadable) and a few from this band as well: http://www.myspace.com/midoriumi (but none of the songs that are up on there currently–just to give you an idea) we plan on starting with a few old songs that we have from previous bands, but we are working on new material which would be helped by a creative and tasteful drummer with chops and a laid back manner.

we’re still playing around with how we want to sound, but we all want to play music kinda like My Morning Jacket, Wilco, Built to Spill, Iron and Wine, Beatles, Yo La Tengo, Rogue Wave, Sonic Youth. you know, all the good rock stuff and indie stuff, textured pop, and tasteful americana. we are NOT looking to play straight country, blues, metal, or funk. (and spare me the emails about how ‘all rock music is based on blues and country’–i know this, but if you bring a bluesy sound and bluesy chops that’s not what will work for this band, k?)

we are all over the age of 30 and we don’t care about your age or sex or orientation or sexiness or hipness. we need a drummer, not a haircut, so be a cool person but not too cool for school, ya know?




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