Sounds: No Age and Abe Vigoda at Emo’s Tonight

1 07 2008

This is going to be a good line up. Take a second and check out No Age and Abe Vigoda’s myspace pages and sit back and take it all in. We can’t say we’ve been following these guys forever and that they were our favorite band back, like, last summer or something… we aren’t that cool. But what we can say is that we like these guys, they are a lot of fun, and we think you will enjoy their music. Here is some more info straight from their label, Post Present Medium.


Two parts of Wives make up this new group. Not perfect in the normal sense, but perfect in the sense that they think it is. Pretty and ugly meet somewhere in the middle of punk and art. You will see very soon. One guy broke his neck and had brain surgery, and the other guy got in a car accident and got a lot of money, it kinda sounds like that.



If you want to know how kids can get so fucked in the head growing up in southern california, you gotta know about Abe Vigoda. Chino is the home of this sort of No Wavey sort of Pop oriented sort of twisted punked 4 piece. You can see it in the way they pound the living shit out of the instruments they play, and you can see it in the way they talk about things they are interested in, these kids are fucked, but in a good way. Fucked in the way that they can make a good record and play really good shows above all odds, like having terminal cancer and mental illness. Juan will kiss you if you ask and they are HUGE in England.




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