That’s Right, We Look Good

1 07 2008

It was totally that time — my hair had gone rogue and it needed to be tamed.

Getting a haircut is often a trepidatious experience for me, as I think it is for most people (women, especially). You go in with high hopes, a few pictures ripped from magazines, and the expectation that somehow you will emerge like a phoenix from the ashes looking gorgeous and camera ready.  The outcome is, typically, less then stellar. It’s too short, overly styled, or just not right.  You look at yourself in the mirror, then at that picture you brought in with you, and back again, and wonder if your stylist went to school at the Austin School of Close Your Eyes and Cut.

Thankfully, a dear friend recommended Vain on Chicon and 18th. This place is awesome. Super friendly people with awesome style and, seriously, my haircut was JUST LIKE THE PICTURE.  This never happens.  It was like some divine gift from the hair gods. I walked out of that place feeling like the $60 plus tip I spent was finally, finally worth it. I will be back to see my girl Sara (I’ve heard Buffy is also great). Be sure to book in advance, this place is jumpin. 

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