Eats: Juan In A Million

7 07 2008

Nothing says breakfast in Austin like a nice scrumptious breakfast taco. The problem is, Austin seems to be over saturated with people who are willing to wrap up some sort of concoction in a flour tortilla and call it a breakfast taco. From street vendors in small “roach coaches” to a Texas-wide chain like Whataburger, everyone wants to get their hands on a piece of the breakfast pie.

Juan in a Million was actually the second establishment that we dined at in east Austin after Mr. Natural, and it made a big impression on us. Who wouldn’t want to live a five-minute bike ride from a friendly, if not awkward, handshake and authentic Mexican style establishment that serves good food and a great atmosphere. Not taking pleasure in anything fancy, there isn’t much here in terms of interior design or aesthetics, but it has tables, chairs and pretty decent food at a great price. That is all that most of us are looking for anyway, so we can skip all of the fancy shmancy stuff and get straight to the flour tortillas!

We showed up with the brunch crowd, and were greeted by the infamous Juan and his handshake. Honestly, we didn’t know how to react. We didn’t want to be those people who didn’t accept Don Juan’s shake, so we went all in. Although sometimes it feels like it’s more of a gimmick then an honest attempt to make us feel welcomed, but we hope that we are wrong. First up were bacon and egg tacos wrapped in fluffy flour tortillas. These where pretty good and far better then those of Las Manitas… but that’s another story and zip code all together. The potato and egg tacos where also better than Torchy’s offerings, so it seems like they have everyone beat when it comes to breakfast tacos. Although they aren’t open for that midnight binge fest after a great show like Whataburger, so that’s pretty much it’s Achilles’ heel. They aren’t open in the evening, and with its great patio, we think that’s a shame, but we will take what we can get.

Also on tap were the obligatory huevos rancheros. Better then those of Juan In A Million’s East Austin rival, Cisco’s, by leaps and bounds, actually. Overall, we had a great experience. We have been there as a duo, and as the sometimes unmanageable table of eight — both times, the service was fast and courteous.




2 responses

7 07 2008

The Don Juan is the mother (father?) of all breakfast tacos.

7 07 2008

yeah..they are pretty good. i have tried a lot and they may not be fancy but they are good for sure.

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