Shop: Mode Apparel

7 07 2008

We like fashion. There. We said it. We watch Project Runway and What Not To Wear. We don’t go to HEB in our pajamas. Basically, we try and give a damn. And though our budgets usually send us the way of thrift stores, Target and the sales rack at the Gap, we love to support a local store when we can (and you don’t really have to worry that your co-worker will show up in the same thing… man we hate that).

Mode Apparel on Cesar Chavez is a dark little rocker-style boutique loaded with awesome sunglasses, great tops for guys and girls, and even some home decor and bath and beauty products (we bought some yummy orange bubble bath).

Run by two sisters, Mode aims to keep their stuff on the affordable side, which we totally appreciate. Every item we saw on our visit was under $100. And they’ve got a sale going on, so now’s the time! Hustle over and check it out. We want to keep shops like this around — and keep those boring architect offices that seem to be taking over all the commercial rental space to a minimum. Don’t ya think?




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