Eats: Blue Dahlia Bistro

9 07 2008

Yes, we know. We eat out A LOT!! But hey, all the better to give you good recomendations in the ‘hood! One of which is Blue Dahlia Bistro on the all-fancied-up 11th street. It’s a super cozy spot with long, buffet-style wooden tables, a great outdoor dining options as well — a patio out back, and a small one by the street side (even better if there’s some live music going on at the Victory Grill just across the street).

We’ve been twice, munching on salads, and their little sandwiches (tartines), which come on the tastiest fresh-baked, whole-wheat bread.  We also enjoy thier wine selection, and the wait staff has yet to let us down.

This place is an awesome addition to the East Side, and their Myspace page (they have yet to post up an official Web site) says they are all about working with local nonprofits.  So if you’re looking for a place to host a charity event or some such philanthropic thing, check ’em out.

Next on our list — the hummus plate. And did we mention they serve breakfast all day?

click on image for slide show




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