Coming Soon: The Music Gym

10 07 2008

Located on the corner of east 6th street and I-35, the Music Gym will be opening its doors to the masses. In true gym fashion, your monthly dues will give you the freedom to enjoy all of the studio spaces and their recording equipment. Drum kits, amps, PA’s, microphones and Pro Tools stations will be available.

You will be able to schedule your sessions online, and, apparently, you will also be able to perform on one of their stages on a monthly basis. There is another great perk to being a member at the Music Gym — discounts on beer and wine from their lounge and bar. Honestly, we see no reason why any local musician wouldn’t be interested.

We tried to get more information from them by contacting them at, but we received no answer. If you have any questions, give them a shout, you might have better luck.

Here is some more information about the Music Gym straight from their Myspace page.

The Music Gym & Lounge Co-Op on 6th Street in downtown Austin, Texas currently still has 25 remaining membership slots available. We are rapidly filling up these remaining music co-op memberships, so if you are interested in joining please take a moment to read about us and what we offer, then fill out the form. Our official opening date is SXSW 2008. We will be holding an open house pre-SXSW for all pre-registered members and interested groups. As a member of the co-op you and your band will receive 8 hours of rehearsal and recording time every week in one of 4 fully equipped, professional music studios. You can book your sessions via the internet, using our easy to use online scheduling system. Members also get a monthly performance on one of our two stages—right on 6th street in downtown Austin! Other perks include discounted beer & wine in the lounge, an online band profile, and other various valuable networking tools. There is a monthly town-hall type meeting where issues about equipment and facilities are discussed and voted on. The Membership is $200 per month, all use of equipment and services included.




3 responses

10 07 2008

I saw bands play Music Gym during SXSW this year. Very cool setup they have going on. It’s very Austin.

10 07 2008


I am an employee, and friend of the owners of the Music Gym. Apparently the mail you sent went straight to the junk mail folder.

Please check out our rockin myspace for updates

10 07 2008

Thanks for the heads up. Junk mail folder ruin my day…but thanks for getting back to us and good luck with the permits!

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