Eats: Naan up to your eyeballs!

11 07 2008

We were up for some ethnic delights this evening,and, no, we’re not talking about Thai hookers (gross). We’re talking about Indian food!  Yum.  So we hit up India Kitchen on Riverside near Pleasant Valley. We partook of the buffet, which was pretty plentiful and tasty with several dishes, both vegetarian and omnivorous. Pretty typical Indian restaurant offerings — tandoori, daal, masala, rice, etc. But the best part was the HUGE basket of naan! Seriously! It was huge! And so good, and brought to the table by the nicest lady, who also consistently filled our water glasses and took away dirty plates.


Definitely a great place to check out for Indian food on the East side, well South East actually, if only for the nice people and the great naan.

More exclamation points are required for full emphasis.



The end.




One response

17 07 2008
Pune Cuisines

Really nice…After all Desi food make you feel like home.

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