Sounds: Brazos, The Weird Weeds and Nat Baldwin Tonight at Progress Coffee

11 07 2008


What a wonderfull music-filled weekend this will be. We have a plethora of shows coming up in the next few days, but for this post, we want to talk about the show right down the street at Progress Coffee. Local Austin band, Brazos, will be headlining. They have a great sound, minimalistic, yet catchy, which you can hear directly on their web site. This is a part of the Progress Residency live music series, which starts at 9 p.m. and will only set you back $3, which is well worth it.

In Support of Brazos, The Weird Weeds will be performing as well. A local Austin band with a very mellow and soft sound with a few interesting turns here and there. Check out a nice little review about them, including some tracks, courtesy of stereogum… who we love, by the way.

Also on the bill for the night is Nat Baldwin. If you take the time to listen, it sounds amazing and a little like Final Fantasy, which we think is not a bad thing at all. We think you should show up to catch his set for sure. He is touring right now in support of his newest album, Most Valuable Player, which was realeased earlier this year. Pitchfork has a pretty positive review of it… anointing it with a 7.9.

We will most likely be making our way down 5th street for this. Our pick to be the favorite of the night is Nat Baldwin… we heart him. Apparently we aren’t the only ones, the UK company Orange Telecom used his music for a commercial recently (see below).




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