Tilly and the Wall Tonight at Emo’s

17 07 2008

As you may have read in one of our previous post, we are on vacation in New York for the week. But that doesn’t mean that we couldn’t show you guys what’s on tap for tonight. Tilly and the Wall is a fun group hailing from Omaha, Nebraska. Bit’s and pieces of their music, mainly the track Pot Kettle Black, sounds a little like the Yeah Yeah Yeahs with an 80’s kick to us. Obviously that is a good thing, but they also bring their own unique sound to the stage. Their shtick is that on top of a traditional drummer they make due with a tap dancer by the name of Jamie Pressnall (according to their wiki page). We haven’t seen them live and in person but we think that this will probably be something worth seeing. They will most likely be playing some of tracks from their recently released album, O, which just hit the streets this last June.




3 responses

17 07 2008

My band has opened for these kids in Atlanta before. They are good. Check ’em out!

18 07 2008

awesome…what was the name of your band? did you go check them out?? how was it?

19 07 2008

My band was called Lenny’s. We did 50’s and 60’s girl band covers: the Shangri-Las, Wanda Jackson, The Cinderellas….

I didn’t get to go to the show…I was ….being….lame.

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