FrankenBike Saturday at Hot Mama’s Espresso Bar

25 07 2008

We haven’t had the pleasure of visiting Hot Mama’s Espresso Bar yet, but we did get to attend a FrankenBike event a couple of months ago. If you are a total bike head, you should really show up early to get your hands on some of the parts that will be up for grabs. FrankenBike is basically just a bike swap meet… but more than that, it’s a chance to get to hang out with other bike heads. Where better to hang out with these guys if not at Hot Mama’s Espresso Bar? Here is some more information about FrankenBike straight from their Myspace page.  

FrankenBike (n) – A free bike swap meet held once a month in Austin, Texas that is open to anyone who wants to buy, sell or trade bicycles and bicycle related gear or parts.

FrankenBike (n) – Any working bike that has been built up using parts from other bikes.

Finish building the FrankenBike you’re working on or turn your spare parts, bikes or gear into cash.

Everyone is welcome to bring bikes, parts, gear, a cooler, chairs, a table etc… just remember to dress for the weather and bring plenty of water. As far as what to expect… a lot of people with bikes, parts and gear spread out over the grounds, hanging out, making deals or just looking around or asking for advice.

Expect to have lot’s of fun, score some cool stuff for your bike or sell what you bring with you.




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