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28 07 2008

Last Saturday I stopped by the Frankenbike event at Hot Mama’s Espresso Bar. The swap meet was great. A lot of people where there digging through all of the stuff, and even I came out with something. Now I can swap out my Deda drops for some MTB bars… new grips are on the way. I took a few shots, and I hope you enjoy.

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29 08 2008
chris gross

I’ve always had a great time at frankenbike less the times i tried to make it more than it was/is at it;s most basic concept… a bike swap meet.

This particular frankenbike started with an email from (name omitted by me) the owner via an email request to host frankenbike at hot mamas. Ior the life of emailed him back with a “heck yeah” then rode my bike by his location a few weeks later to go over the details AND shake his hand. I knew we had met before once faced but I could not of me pin-point where. Turns out he was one of the first people I sought out and asked to host the swap meet… at Dog Almighty adjacent to the farmers market on Burnet Rd.

We never did get around to THAT frankenbike (property owner issue) but I’m so glad the effort came back around for the lot of us almost 2.5 years later as hot mamas meets frankenbike was a blast!

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