Sounds: Peachcake Tonight at Emo’s

31 07 2008

Peachcake will be bringing their Make Mixes, Not War tour to Austin’s Emo’s tonight. Formed in Arizona a few years ago, it was meant to be a joke project so that they can experiment with electronic music, but it turned into much much more. There isn’t much to be said that you can’t just read from their Myspace page. So we are just going to put it up below along with a video. The video was actually created for their live shows. Visuals are a big part of their tour so check it out.

Mission Statement

Peachcake is something that was created in hopes of making the world a safer, better, happier place for all the creatures inhabiting it. We team up with various individuals from time to time, who help further our quest, enhance our ideologies/enablement of creative endeavors, and see eye to eye on our desire to help people and improve the earth’s homeostasis. We do this by creating a fun, upbeat, positive message and environment through which our sonorous sounds, live application of our antics and music can be correctly conveyed and seen in a lighthearted, personable, and interactive way to thus see people smile, laugh, dance, and just plain…feel good! It’s all about spreading the understanding, acceptance, and greatness of vibes!

We love and listen to you for who you are, and encourage that you share that with the world to the greatest extent. May your innate, fundamental core of creativity shine and shout to the vast peaks and underground valley’s upon every inch of this earth with the most shimmering, loud light and sonic amplitude!

Greatness abound my friends…Spread the great vibes from the greatmorning, to the greatnight that encompasses our lives…


“…Peachcake are going to take over the world.” – The Jersey Beat

Stefan Pruett and John O’Keefe are Peachcake, a couple of shape-shifting vigilantes who use their mutant-based powers to protect the World from audio-terrorism. After their creation in Carefree/Cave Creek, Arizona, the duo’s quest to do something positive lead them to their current headquarters in the Phoenix Art District. With the help of an all-star team, Peachcake consistantly travels to many states and territories throughout North America… while moving outward and beyond, with the message of love!

Peachcake has ventured alongside Ambulance LTD, Autolux, Be Your Own Pet, Elf Power, Explosions In The Sky, Freezepop, The Go! Team, Grand Buffet, Greeley Estates, IMA Robot, Jimmy Eat World, Junior Senior, Koufax, Limbeck, Metric, Minus the Bear, Mouse On Mars, Octopus Project, Of Montreal, Ratatat, Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers, Rx Bandits, Tilly and the Wall, Waking Ashland, VHS Or Beta and many more. As if that’s not enough, they have been featured on tour dates with Aloha, Boys Like Girls, Brandtson, Cute Is What We Aim For, Foxy Shazam, Hellogoodbye, New Years Day, Ozma, Polysics, Punchline, Spitalfield, Steel Train, Umbrellas and Valencia and have participated in some of the greatest musical congregations of all time including Vans Warped Tour, Edgefest, SXSW, CMJ, NXNE, NEMO and Burning Man!

The terrific twosome has been featured on the cover of The Phoenix New Times and on Jones Soda Co. bottles nation wide. The Toronto Independent Music Awards, The Phoenix New Times, Arizona Infusion of Music and Arizona Ska-Punk Awards have all honored the dynamic-duo for their endeavors! Peachcake has been sponsored by Jones Soda Co. and Glamour Kills Clothing, and has been licensed by companies, including MTV and UPN, throughout the World!

In spite of the high risks taken, they are happy to have sacrificed any hopes for a normal life in order to rid the World of audio-terrorism. Peachcake will not rest until everyone is safe!

Quotes from da Starrrrz:

“…You guys are the Salvador Dali of Music.” – MC Lars

“These guys are some of the nicest people I know making music. Their live show makes ours look like MTV’s Unplugged.” – Forrest Kline (Hellogoodbye).




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