Yelp: East Side Pies

4 08 2008

This place has quickly become our go-to pizza joint. We’ve ordered delivery a couple of times and are always pleased with the quality (and friendly delivery folks), and just the fact that we have a none-chain pizza option in the ‘hood. Then a few weeks ago, on our way to the Scoot Inn Sock Hop, we stopped by their shop for a slice and were pleased with that experience as well! It’s a pretty simple set up, and when it comes to pizza, that’s just the way we like it. Tables and chairs scattered about outside, hot, crispy pizza and a drink — well damn, what more do you need? 

Need further convincing? Here’s one more (funny, yet apt) opinion.

Stephanie s. writes:

East Side Pies  
Category: Pizza
Neighborhood: East Austin
5 star rating

Eastsiiiiiiiiiiide! (throwing the E)

Well, it’s definitely 5 stars for me, and judging by the number of other reviews, 5 stars for a lot of other peeps as well.

But how do you know if Eastside is for you, the reader who has never been there before?

As previously established, Eastside pies are super thin.

Don’t expect to grab a slice and walk around your kitchen eating it, slice in one hand, beer in the other.

It can’t support itself and will flop down like a limp dick dripping grease all over your floor.

This is not a bad thing. You just need to know that going in. Get yourself a plate and you’ll be alright.

If you require your pizza to have more support, Homeslice might be your place, as they serve up pies on a thin (but not as thin) sturdier crust (and I dig Homeslice too….just not as much as Eastside)

Also, I find that the slices with less ingredients (i.e. your staples of cheese and pepperoni) tend to be way greasier.

This is not a bad thing. Pizza is greasy. If it bothers you, just dab your napkin on the top and you’ll be alright. Or stockpile yours with some of Eastside’s fab ingredients.

The locale is a gem.

Don’t be swayed by reviews that say otherwise.

The area is not sketchy or dumpy looking at all. It’s small, and you’ll see black people walking around. If black people scare you, you’ve got bigger problems than deciding where to get your pizza.

Bonus: Eastside Pies is right next to Spot’s new place Trailer Space, which is a cool new record store that opened a few months back. You can browse some vinyl and trade in CDs while you’re waiting for your pie to cook. Check it.

Thanks you so much Stephanie S. for letting us share your thoughts!




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