Shop: Commercial Space on 6th

6 08 2008

There aren’t many drawbacks to living in East Austin. We have great coffee shops like Progress and Sips on 7th. More then enough places to get a few drinks like The Peacock, Longbranch, and Rio Rita. Even live music is aplenty here with the Scoot Inn and Trailer Space Records, or Victory Grill. Food… look no further than Primizie, East Side Pies, and The Blue Dahlia. They have you all covered. But when it comes to actually getting some groceries, the HEB isn’t much use to us. Whole Foods is pricey and parking can be annoying there. What about more retail options? When you take into consideration how much more there is on South Congress, we are lagging behind here.

The truth is, all of these new condos in East Austin don’t really contribute anything to the community other than housing. There are a few great places housed in these condos like Solid Gold, Kemestry Salon, Mode, and Method Hair… but the vast majority of them are nothing more than office spaces that do nothing to support the influx of residents that they create. What we are trying to say is… Hey!!! Over here!!! A retail space is available!!! Someone please do something good with it!!!

TwentyOne24 Commercial Space, Austin, TX
Retail/Commercial: $1,500/month
Sq Footage: 730

DESCRIPTION: New Unit withprivate bath, concrete floors, high ceilings, large windows, great street-scapes, and tenant parking is secured, covered and gated. Unit avail for late Aug. Call anytime to view!




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