Update: Lance Armstrong Foundation in East Austin

7 08 2008

As most of you East Austinites know, the Lance Armstrong Foundation will soon be taking up residency on the corner of Robert T. Martinez and East 6th street. We have the following information to pass on to you guys.



The following is a construction timeline for the project:

Interior Demolition: Start May 15th……..End July 1st
Exterior Demolition: Start July 1st………..End July 31st
Exterior Construction: Start Aug 1st………..End Nov 30th
Interior Construction: Start Sept 1st……….End Nov 30th

Tentative LAF Move-in: November 20, 2008

The West Walk-Way along Robert Martinez will be operational throughout the project until construction is complete on Nov. 30, 2008. No road closures are anticipated or planned for the project and construction hours are 7am to 4pm

The LAF has made it a priority to use environmentally sustainable construction for their building and are pursuing a LEED Gold Star Rating as well as a 4-star rating with the Austin Green Building Association. Instead of concrete, the front parking lot will be covered in crushed granite with 31 new trees planted both inside the lot and along the perimeter.

The building will primarily house staff and volunteers. It will also feature a Patient Navigation Center, which will serve as an outreach and resource area for cancer patients.

Another great feature will be the addition of 3 large community conference rooms. These rooms will be made available to anyone in the community conducting an event in need of a meeting room. For example, this could be a nice place to hold future Association meetings.

The LAF representative I spoke with made it quite clear that they wish to engage the community and the neighboring HOA’s with the Center. Attached to this email are architect’s renderings of the building so you can get a little preview of the finished building. Not shown on the current set of plans is a water fountain set in the front entrance with benches placed around it. This building should be an appealing and important addition to our neighborhood both for it’s aesthetic and mission.




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