ArtSpark Festival Visual Art Showcase Sunday at Pump Project

8 08 2008

We happen to be on the Pump Project’s mailing list and where happy to find a little tid bit about an opening reception this Sunday. It’s all for the 2008 edition of the ArtSpark Festival Showcases and starts at 6:00 pm. See below for more information.

The HBMG Foundation is excited to present the 2008 ArtSpark Festival Showcases, running July 31st- August 17th. Showcases will feature the work of seven Creative Teams composed of a visual artist, musician, and group of theatre practioners and/or video game designers. Before the start of the Festival, musicians and visual artists submitted an existing piece of original work that became the “sparks,” or starting points, for their Creative Teams. Each Creative Team was then challenged to develop a new play or video game “sparked” by the music and visual art of these perfect strangers. While the creation of the plays and video games were underway, the musicians and visual artists began producing new works “sparked” by their Creative Teammates.
Artists include: David de Lara,Keith Ellis, John P. Funk, Patrick McDaniel, Senalka McDonald, David Ohlerking, Veronica Vasquez, Jordan Meaux . For more information please visit




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