Sip’s On 7th

8 08 2008

Last Saturday we stopped by Sip’s on 7th for a quick drink. We where out riding our bikes and were in need of something to cool us off. We walked in and were greeted ever so nicely by Anette, the owner and the barrista for that afternoon. I asked if I could buy a bottle of water and, unfortunately, they didn’t have any to sell. But she quickly offered me a cold glass of water with ice. We started to eye the chocolate cherry bread and it is everything you thought chocolate bread could be. Delightful.

Apparently, Anette had seen our earlier post on the coffee shop, where we mentioned we were unsure about the chosen name, “Sip’s On 7th.” So she told us the story behind the name.

When she was younger, she said, she used to have notes around the house… notes to help her think in a more positive light. She thought of these as inspiration. She knew that her dream was to open a coffee shop of some kind, so years ago she DBA’ed the name Sip’s of Inspiration. After talking to a few of her friends, they all decided that the name sounded more like a religious bookstore than a coffee shop. So as the years went by, Anette DBA’ed several other names but none of them sounded right. One day a friend of hers asked where it was located, to which she replied, “It’s on 7th.”  At that point, she thought Sip’s on 7th would be a perfect name. She quickly took it down to the office to get it DBA’ed. The person working the counter looked at the name and said “It’s catchy.”

The name lets you know exactly where it is and what it serves. Can’t beat that. You also can’t beat their free wifi and their awesome pastries. They will soon be serving wine, so all of you wine aficionados can take a few sips there too.




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