Yelp: Vain

11 08 2008

We went to Vain a couple of weeks ago and got our hair did and loved it.  With the wonderful world that is yelp, we can now share other people’s experience with Vain. That way you guys can see that you are in the best of hands!


jessica s. writes:

I have been going to the same guy (in Missouri) for about 8 years to cut my hair, even after moving to Austin SIX years ago.  Finding a new stylist was scary.  I chose Vain because of the great Yelp reviews-thanks.  I also like their website.  It’s nice to be able to see the actual stylists as well as their work.  Check it out.

I got an appointment much quicker than I thought I would-for the very next day-gulp-wasn’t quite ready.  I got Esther who was one of the people on my list that I wanted to try.  I’d love to try Joey because of her rave reviews, but now I would feel bad going to someone else.  

The salon is located in an old house and is super cute.  Great dark wood molding and fun wall colors.  I immediately got set up with a glass of wine and then met Esther.  She’s cute, cool, and nice.  She talked to be about the cut-told her I was thinking bangs-scary and that this was my post-breakup haircut 6 months later.  She took her time and gave me some good hair tips along the way.  

I’m not totally happy with the cut, but I think it’s more me and not necessarily Esther.  I plan on returning to her, but now I know to ask her to please leave a little bit of weight at the ends and I prefer my layers to be blended in more.  As far as the bangs-I think she did a great job, I’m just not so sure I like me in the bangs.  

Thanks to Esther for making my new haircut experience a fun and relaxing one.

*A week later-and I’m liking the cut and the bangs.  I think my hair needed a few days to settle into its new form.  Bangs grow fast though so I’m hoping Esther has some good bang trim deals!

Update:  Esther is no longer at Vain so I had to go through the very scary task of picking someone new again.  I saw Buffy and she did a wonderful job.  She cut my hair wet, then dried and straightened it to finish the cut dry.  I like that she made me put on my glasses so she could shape the cut around the glasses.  She was about $10 more than Esther but luckily I don’t have to get my hair cut too often.  BTW, bang trims are free-just remember to tip.




One response

11 08 2008

VAIN = love of my life! I’m a Buffy gal all the way – she took my hair from blonde, to mahogany brown with red highlights, and now we’re on our way to flaxen blond (with bangs!) again! I’m seeing her on Saturday and I can honestly say I’ve never been so excited about a salon visit. Vain completely and unironically rules the school.

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