Stuff East Austinites Like: Coffee and Bikes

13 08 2008

In a lame attempt to completely rip off the Stuff White People Like format, we are trying to put stuff up that WE like. Since we are East Austinites and our readers are most likely East Austinites, then we should agree on these things… in theory.

One thing that we think makes East Austin great is the fact that cycling is rampant in these parts. Not the tights wearing, carbon fiber bottle cage types. Not that there is anything wrong with that! Commuting on a bike is a great way to get to know the neighborhood and save money on gas. So where does the coffee part come in you say? The fact that now you can drink your morning brew and bike at the same time!

Imagine… you are on your way to work and you stop by your favorite coffee shop. You are thinking “how the hell am I going to hold this and bike at the same time?” Well Soma Fabrications has you covered. Complete with warnings.

Morning Rush Coffee Mug & Holder
Take away the spills and thrills of riding with coffee.

• Stainless steel mug holder ring mounts to mountain bike or road bars.
• Stainless steel commuter mug holds up to 16 oz. of coffee or tea. Slide button lid means you can open the cap and take a swig with one hand.
• Mount is the H-27 from Cat Eye, so in the evening you can replace it with a Cat Eye headlight if you so desire.

**Coffee is hot and potentially dangerous. Soma recommends you operate your mug only when your bike is stopped.




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