The Red House Lounge

14 08 2008

It’s a Wednesday and there are quite a few people here at The Red House Lounge on Manor street. We have been here before on a Friday night and it was filled to the brim. We really loved this place the moment we walked in.

A friend of ours ordered a pizza and some French fries. We couldn’t help but take a few fries here and there when they weren’t looking. They were worth every bit of the risk. Seasoned like some of our all-time favorites (The Coffee Shop in NYC) and we bet the pizza was just as good. It was heavily guarded so we can’t say for sure.

Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves and the atmosphere was pretty up beat. Although there where tons of people, the bartenders where courteous and friendly. Something that has been lacking in a couple of east side joints honestly. We will be back for sure to get a real bite of the food offerings, but for now this Amstel and water will have to do as a reward for the biking on this evening.

click on image for slideshow




2 responses

15 08 2008

Sounds great. We’ll have to check it out. (psst- btw, the slide show only has one slide…albeit a very pretty one…but I was kinda hoping to see these yummy fries!)

15 08 2008

Thanks for the heads up! I fixed it. And yeah… it’s a pretty cool spot. No pictures of the fries though… I signed a non-disclosure agreement on the food. lol

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