Sounds: Frank Smith at Progress Residency

15 08 2008

If you guys are regular readers, then you know we are big fans of the Progress Residency. If you don’t know what it is, Progress Coffee features a weekly live show every Friday night. They have a headliner that plays every Friday night for the entire month, and this month its Austin’s very own Frank Smith. The opening sets will rotate weekly in support of the headliner and this allows for a change of pace if you ask us. Check out some more information about the band below courtesy of their official website.

Frank Smith have a sound that is as vast as America – for, like the country they come from, they reconcile countless would-be opposites as songs from the back porch country are driven straight into the noise of the city, simple folk tunes are given the most intricately complex arrangements, and the freedom of the music is constantly pulled back the authority of the beat. All of this is masked by American deadpan at its finest in lyrics that are too simple to be simple: if you want to move down the street, you have to move your feet; bait in the belly and hook in the mouth; where’d you get those black and blue eyes? If there’s a mystique in their simplicity, it’s only because beauty is the key trait in both; the same could be said about America’s music – and its landscape – at its finest.




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