Sounds: Trailer Space Record’s Weekend Lineup

15 08 2008

We stopped by Trailer Space Records on Rosewood Avenue (right next to neighborhood-fave East Side Pies) the other day and spoke to JT and Timo. The place was pretty large and they had a ton of vinyl on their racks. This place isn’t just a record store, sir. They have tons of t-shirts, cassette tapes and they even have a row of arcade games. Area 51 used to be one of our all-time favorites, and would spend hours there just for that game alone.  They recently just moved to this location, you can actually still their sign at their old Cesar Chavez address. That area didn’t allow much space for parking so they decided to make the move. Something else they provide is a stage for awesome live shows. They will be having a ton of people show up these next few days to play a few sets, so here it is. Make plans.

Friday: The Hoodrats, Scrabble Robot, Dementia, Izzy Cox
Saturday: Who Calls So Loud (CA), Branch Davidian, Nicaragua, Hunt Club
Sunday: The Blood Royale, Sabbath Crow, Panther Zora, Summer of Blood

click on image for slideshow




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