Shop: Big Red Sun

18 08 2008

We’ve often driven past the Big Red Sun house with the tall, deep-dish planters and the yard full of succulents and native plants and were curious about what other wonders lie behind their tall gates. We finally got ourselves over there to take a look and found all sorts of loveliness. The plant selection is quite stellar, and the succulent arrangements, in particular, caught our eye. Prices aren’t particularly low, but everything’s so damned pretty!

It’s worth a visit just to check out their ideas, like a traditional park bench in an nontraditional hot pink, or the giant bird cage-turned-planter (and in bright, sunny yellow, no less). The house offers more ideas and more ways to spend your paycheck. From books on plants, to t-shirts representing the Eastside, from kids’ clothing to eclectic furniture. Oh, and the house is FULL of birds.

In short, we love this place, but can’t go by to often for fear we will end up penniless (but with a fantastic looking garden and a magazine-worthy home).

click on image for slideshow




One response

19 08 2008

This place looks so rad. Great photos! I think I’ll bike over and leave my credit card safe at home….

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