Kemestry Salon Opens

19 08 2008

We told you guys earlier that Kemestry Salon was going to be opening it’s doors soon and the doors actually opened a few weeks ago. We want to know if you guys have had a chance to try them out for yourself. If you have, let us know. If you haven’t been there, but are looking for a new do, head over to 2124 E. 6th street.




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20 08 2008

It’s true! Kemestry has finally opened! Thanks for the announcement, we really appreciate it. I’d post a review of my fabulous haircuts from Kemestry but I think I’m a little biased – Angela, the salon owner, is my girlfriend. Please come by and say hello… and get yur hair did!

20 08 2008

i was just there last week for a haircut by the fabulous angela. i, too, am biased, since angela’s been cutting my hair for 10 years now, and is a precious friend to boot! but, i must say, she knows her stuff. i have naturally curly hair and finding a stylist that is knowledgeable and experienced enough to cut it properly can be a real challenge. she’s aces at it.

go and give her or shannon (the other stylist) a shot. you won’t be sorry.

20 08 2008

I LOVE Kemestry!!!!!! Angela is AWESOME!

20 08 2008

Angela and the rest of the team at Kemestry are truly dedicated to their craft. They go to classes all over the country to learn new techniques and keep their skills fresh. This is why the quality of work coming out of Kemestry is unmatched and the stylists always have creative ideas for their clients.

On a lighter note, I highly recommend doing whatever you can to extend your time at the shampoo bowl because the chairs there are so comfortable!

20 08 2008

Go give Shannon a try – Nobody does it better.

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