Tracks: Her Space Holiday

22 08 2008

No, we aren’t advocating a duet featuring Her Space Holiday and Seal. Remember we totally ripped off Stuff White People Like? Yes… you remember. Stuff East Austinites Likes. Yesss… that’s what we meant. Her Space Holiday, one Marc Bianchi, is one of our favorite artist at the moment. We not only like him, but we love him. Her Space Holiday recently released Sleepy Tigers earlier this year. Sureley it’s a taste of what’s to come when he releases his next full length album, Xoxo Panda and the New Kid Revival, which is slated to drop this September. Sleepy Tigers only contains four tracks, but the quality of these tracks make it a staple in our Ipod’s play list at the present time. On top on being very talented… you have to appreciate someone who can pull off hot pink and tattooed fist. Check him out for yourself below, fair warning, it’s catchy as hell.

Her Space Holiday: Just Another Day

Her Space Holiday: Sleepy Tigers

Her Space Holiday: Same Song Sing Along

All audio tracks will be up for a limited time only. Artist, you can email us if you wish for us to take down your tracks.



2 responses

25 08 2008

I loved The Young Machines… didnt care for the previous albums though. Ill be checking this new stuff out! Thanks for the heads up!

25 08 2008

I loved the young machines too but this new sleepy tigers is really good. Word is the electronic influence wont be on this upcoming album and there is a rumor about a christmas album!

btw.. check your email, I emailed you back regarding you contacting us.

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