Sounds: at The Scoot Inn

22 08 2008

We got an email from one of our readers regarding an awesome show tonight. For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of making a stop at the Scoot Inn, here is your chance.

Magic Jewels open with their killer thrash. Coma in Algiers follows; we hope to have a couple of relatively new songs in there for you. Boxcar Satan (including members of Evil Mothers and Gorch Fock), one of S.A.’s underground mainstays is back in Austin to tear shit up; they’ll be playing new songs from their upcoming album due this fall. so, be at the Scoot Inn (1302 E. 4th St., on corner of Navasota) at about 10 pm; rumor has it that the Melvins show will be ending a little earlier than most shows, so that is plenty of time for you stoners & vagabonds to make it over to the show.




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24 08 2008

Hey East Austinite buddies!! Speaking of the Scoot Inn…got a cool tip for next Friday, on the 29th. Indie power pop/punk band Follow that Bird ( will be playing. I’m definitely going! I’m going to try to post about them in a few days, but n-e-way thought y’all might like to know about it. Cheers!

24 08 2008

Thanks for the heads up Tolly. We will post it up this Friday and might even see you there.



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