The Good Knight

26 08 2008

We told you guys earlier that there was a new pub opening on 6th street. Last weekend we had the time to stop by and have a few drinks. First all, the place isn’t exactly screaming “Hey look at me!” which is a good thing. This vibe is pretty mellow, casual and King Henryish. Obviously with a name like The Good Knight, the medievil theme fits. They pull it off well, not over the top like the Renaissance Festival or anything. Also, the walls are covered with owners’ vintage family photos, and there will be more to come, a nice touch. It’s not often that you can actually go to an establishment and have something on the wall that is actually personal. Not like the fake pictures and antique that line the places like Bennigan’s and TGIF.

That night Billy was manning the bar and not only did we enjoy our drinks, but we enjoyed his friendly company over the Lone Star that they had on tap and the tracks that were pumping through the jukebox in the corner.

We are looking forward to the next couple of weeks when they open their kitchen and start doling out the pub grub, including meat pies, which apparently Billy is a fan of. This wonderfull new addition to East Austin’s watering-hole repertoire is courtesy of Rio Rita and Beerland’s owners. We hope to stop by again to chat with Billy and Aaron some more. These guys really make this place worth visiting.




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