Wanted: East Austin Dog Park

28 08 2008

We don’t own a dog, but sometimes we wish we did. We love our cats, but trying to go for a run around Town Lake… um Lady Bird Lake, would be a complete logistical fiasco with a cat on a leash. Those of you that do own dogs and are tired of having to cross I-35 are in luck. Beky, with Dog Parks for East Austin, is working on getting an off-leash area in the East Austin area. If you have a dog and you want to help Beky and her cause, sign up on either her myspace group or her google group. Read below for more information.

DogPEA (Dog Parks for East Austin) is currently working with the Austin Parks Foundation and the City of Austin Parks and Recreation Department to develop and maintain off-leash areas for dogs and their people to use in East Austin.

IF YOU DON’T HAVE A MYSPACE ACCOUNT (or even if you do) you can join the Austin Off-Leash Dog Area Committee google group:

There are 12 legal off-leash areas in Austin, but only one of them is East of I-35. East Austin is notoriously under-served compared to the rest of the city, but the area is growing rapidly and services need to keep up with the housing development and population growth. Our dogs are family members and they need to use the parks too. East side residents shouldn’t have to drive 10 miles so their dogs can run without getting a ticket.

More neighborhood dog parks will relieve the impact on over-crowded parks like Redbud and Auditorium Shores, and help reduce cross-town traffic (with 100,000 dog-owners driving to the nice big off-leash areas).

Dog Parks are cool places to hang out and meet people – even if you don’t have a dog! Something to do in the neighborhood.




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