Who We Are

28 09 2008

We get all sorts of emails and comments about this blog. Some of them are asking us why we don’t post more of this or why we are posting about that. As residents of East Austin, we have other interest such as music, politics, style and hell… we might even throw in the occasional house that we wish we could buy. So with that being said, we have revised the About section to explain that this is about being an East Austin resident… which encompasses things outside of this zip code.

We moved to Austin about six months ago from New York City. We didn’t know much about it, other than what we had read in the news or in travel magazines, and when we came, we had no idea where we were going to live.  People told us to check out this area or that area, and everyone had different opinions about things — but one thing everyone agreed on was that we should stay WEST of Ih-35. For a while, we listened to them and focused our search in the south-central side of town. Unhappy with our options, finally, our friend and realtor suggested we at least visit the East side. We crossed the much-maligned Ih-35 boundary and immediately felt more comfortable here than we did in any of the other neighborhoods we visited. We saw lots of cyclists out on the streets, different residents from different backgrounds, street art, great restaurants, etc.

We started this blog as a way to get to know our neighborhood and as a way to share with others what is going on here, as it seems to us that most people in Austin still have a certain idea of what “East Austin” is. In living here and writing this blog, we have come to learn much of the history and the problems associated with the way this neighborhood has historically been treated and the changes that are going on here now. We are not social activists, and we are not experts on gentrification, but we are also not ignorant to those issues. We feel that some people have placed certain expectations upon us and upon this humble blog that, frankly, we cannot fulfill. We just want to show that East Austin is a lot of things, and the people who live here are not of the same mold. It is a diverse community, not without its problems, but also a place where we feel there is a great opportunity to share many of the things about this community that make it unique and that make it a place where we wanted to live.

We post about all sorts of things. If we see something going on here in the East side, we’ll most likely post it up. If we go eat at a great restaurant, visit a cool little store or bar, or meet some interesting person on the street, up it goes on the blog. If we spend an afternoon riding around the hood and take a few pictures we think others might enjoy, we’ll post those too. At the same time, we’re also residents of the world, and we feel like it is perfectly acceptable to look outside of our bubble and post about things going on outside that will effect us. So if we post about politics, for instance, which we are and will continue to do, we feel that is perfectly valid because those decisions effect all of us. And if we write about something that is not necessarily on the East side, which we occasionally do and will continue to do if we want to, then it’s because we feel like it is somehow related to our every day lives here.

We’re just nice friendly people living in East Austin and writing about things we do and things that interest us. That’s all. No more, no less. If there’s something you would like to see more of on the blog, you are more then welcome to write something up and send it to us, and we’ll most likely be happy to post it up.




Sounds: Everyone at ACL and More!

26 09 2008

As everyone knows, it’s Austin City LImits time in Austin and fun will be had by all. Except for us. We aren’t really into this years lineup to be honest. There are a few good acts that will be on hand for the festivities but we have either seen them already or honestly, it’s still not worth the crazy amount of money that they are asking for. The good news is that there will still be tons of non-ACL shows going on this weekend too. Some of these are free and some not, but you don’t have to pay a crazy amount of cash for two bands you like and eight shitty bands as well.

Friday Favorite
Vampire Weekend: A-Punk (guilty pleasure)

Let’s start off with Friday. Voxtrot will be at the Mohawk but to be honest, we really love their EP Raised By Wolves but their newer stuff is disappointing. Hopefully they will be kicking it old school today. If you happen to go to ACL, Vampire Weekend will have some catchy tunes that may be worth a look as does Hot Chip. Yeasaer deserves your attention as does Mates of State. What Made Milwaukee Famous is a local Austin band that will be playing the festival so show your support.

On Saturday Jose Gonzalez will be playing at Emo’s inside stage while the always entertaining (we love their shows) Man Man will be playing the outside stage. Sunset Rubdown will be playing at the Mohawk, so they will probably be getting our hard earned money on that night. The oh so popular Band of Horses will be at the Parish but beware of the popped collar. You might want to go to Antone’s so you can laugh at Jakob Dylan, ok that is mean. At the ACL fest, Fleet Foxes and Iron & Wine are the ones that really catch our eye.

Saturday Favorite
Fleet Foxes: White Winter Hymnal

Sunday Sunday Sunday! M Ward and Jenny Lewis at La Zona Roasa while at the ACL Festival, Tegan and Sara and White Denim are our favorites. Well honestly, our favorite favorite will have to be Stars. Ahhh… how can anyone not love Stars!? It’s not often we get to talk about them since they haven’t been in this great town since we have been residing here so bare with us!

Our Favorite Favorite Favorite
Stars:Your Ex-Lover Is Dead

Man this video makes us miss winters in New York. Sadsies

East End Fourth Friday at Kenny Dorham’s Backyard

26 09 2008

DiverseArts is pleased to announce AFROFREQUE, the headliner for September’s East End Fourth Fridays! Afrofreque’s sophisticated mix of jazz, hip hop, electronica, and traditional African rhythm influences, combine to make a truly original sound. Born right here in Austin, this group can play some of the best soulful hip hop beats around that will make you get your funk on. Their crowd conscious grooves will inspire you to explore layers of sound and soul. Also playing this month is one of Austin’s favorite spokenword/improvisational, funk-jazz-groove-noise collective, word/jazz Low Stars. This group will get your spoken word juices flowing. So come join us for two great live music performances you won’t forget!As always, children will have free activities just for them at the East End Fourth Friday Kid’s Corner including free books, an arts and crafts table, fun with group painting, and more. Join us this September and enjoy arts vendors, barbeque, refreshments courtesy of Live Oak Brewery, and live music. We invite you to explore the East End and discover some of the new businesses and old favorites that help make this district a unique and diverse place in Austin.

Austin’s East End Fourth Fridays! is a unique art and culture-driven, monthly community-oriented event developed by DiverseArts to showcase the very specific cultural attributes and historical identity of Austin’s East End – the Soul in the heart of the City. The East End has been recognized by the City of Austin as an African-American Cultural Heritage District, and East End Fourth Fridays! helps showcase this cultural legacy for the benefit of the community. In partnership with neighborhood artists and businesses, cultural, civic, commercial, and governmental groups, this monthly event is designed to bring a relaxed, communal, open-air art and culture experience to the newly revitalized East End.

It’s an open house in the East End and along East11th Street! Sample food and drink at established and new venues, take in the headline concerts and bring the kids to enjoy the East End Kid’s Corner at Kenny Dorham’s Backyard, and checkout art vendors, organizations, and sponsors doing PR and public outreach. DiverseArts wishes to bring visitors from the neighborhood and the Austin area to see the unique cultural and historic aspects of the East End. We hope to establish East End Fourth Fridays! as a holistic, community-based marriage of culture and commerce, and we can’t do it without your support! So come and join us, your fellow Austinites, and people from all places, for this monthly event!

Um, can you say adorable?

26 09 2008

It’s no secret that we love animals. And though we pretty much adore all four-legged friends, we do have a special place in our hearts for felines. They’re just to quirky and funny. For anyone who’s ever had a pet, you know how much just the sight of them can brighten your day. So, for your day-brightening pleasure, may I present:

Cats I am Near

Type in your zip code and check out your fellow furry eastside residents! I swear i’ve seen some of these guys lounging about….

Boy, I feel better already. Thanks to Etsy for the cat search engine tip-off!

Moblie Film School

26 09 2008

Everyone knows that Austin has quite the film scene, and we’ve driven past more than a couple of film shoots around the neighborhood. The Mobile Film School is hoping to keep Austin’s film industry growing and is bringing the art form to underserved communities. Their film-making workshops provide cover everything from story development and scriptwriting to digital camera operation, video editing, and audio equipment operation. At the end of the program, students produce a short documentary or narrative film.

They also have several opportunities for the community to get involved with the school — if you have a film background and are interested in teaching, they are looking for volunteers, interns and even a few job opportunities. If you are sans film background, but have always dreamed of being the next Spielberg, Tarantino, De Niro, etc, check out their workshops.

Vote: Couric Interviews Palin

26 09 2008

We hear a lot of  people say that in this great state of ours, a single vote will not make a difference. But maybe it can. So with that being said, we will be posting videos from around the interweb that we find interesting.

Pump Project Enmascarados 10/25

25 09 2008

Enmascarados:an Homage to Lucha Libre (Mexican wrestling)

RECEPTION: Thursday, September 25th, 2008, 5:30 – 9:30pm
Pump Project Art Complex – 702 Shady Lane | Austin, Texas 78702
On view through September 27th, 1 – 5 pm (Fri & Sat) [ACL Weekend]

José Rodríguez – Maracaibo, Venezuela
Héctor Hernández – Laredo, TX
Ángel Quesada – Los Angeles, CA
Fidencio Durán – Austin, TX
Marcela Morán – Laredo, TX
Federico Archuleta – El Paso, TX
Enrique Martínez – San Antonio, TX
Gerald López – Corpus Christi, TX
Matthew Rodríguez – Austin, TX
Beto Gonzales – San Antonio, TX
Faustinus Deraet -MX/ Belgium