Cider, Pumpkin, Leaves, Warmth: Autumn!!

3 09 2008

I’ve had fashion on the brain lately, and I’m starting to realize why:

1. It’s back-to-school time and Fall, our favorite season, is quickly approaching. Scarves and light jackets, tights, boots, and cardigans — I own way more of these things than any Texas girl should, I imagine, and I don’t care. I love it all. Good bye unflattering, skin-baring shorts and dresses.

2. F’ing Brits. So stylish. So fab. Perhaps because their darn British Pound is virtually unbeatable. Which is why they can buy all the pretty things from my beloved Topshop, where, were we British, we could afford to drop 50 pounds on a lovely frock or jumper (that’s British for dress or sweater, mind you), but seeing as how the $ is pretty much 2 to 1 to the Pound, that’s a $100 frock. Out of our  budget. Next best thing this side of the pond is H&M, also unavailable to us Southerners. Insert sad face here __. So, instead, we go to Target and pillage and plunder what we can from the Go International Line. Currently, I am wishing I owned this Richard Chai ensemble:

3. Polyvore. Where I created this:

Found this lovely little gem via a fellow Austinite’s blog, That Austin Girl. We surely have many more hours to waste on Polyvore.

What does this have to with east Austin, you say? Well, for those of us who missed the Labor Day weekend sales, fear not. Get your fashion fix this weekend at Le Garage Sale. We heard East-side lovelies Solid Gold will be there with heavily discounted goods, so get on your shopping shoes and get out there.




2 responses

3 09 2008

Thanks for good words.


5 09 2008

Oh East Austinite, I am so glad you’ve discovered Polyvore! It’s quite addictive.

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