Le Garage Sale: The Aftermath

9 09 2008

We went, we saw, we spent. It was a bit of mad house, folks, but all in all, a fun experience that we’re looking forward to checking out again next year, when we will come prepared to spend more cash.

We played it conservative last weekend, not really knowing what to expect. But I still came away with some pretty treasures, though I left many tempting deals behind me.

We sprung for the two-day pass on our friend’s word that day two brought insane discounts. And she was right! Day one was spent culling through racks from all the area boutiques and elbowing our way toward Vivenne Westwood dresses and French Connection blouses. It was all quite something. Adorable East-siders, Solid Gold, had a ton of GREAT stuff, all deeply discounted, though at the end of the day, we still couldn’t bring ourselves to splurge on that beautiful black dress on their racks…. sigh. still, I brought home a bracelet for $1, a top for $22, and a pair of shoes from SoLa for $10, as well as a little denim dress for $45. I also got the b/f an awesome Ben Sherman shirt from Fab’rik for $40, and bought a good friend a pair of 80%20 shoes from Buy Definition that will be shipping out to her in New York this week. By day two, things were discounted further and we came away an awesome pair of feather earrings and a marc jacobs shirt, though, sadly, the beautiful marc jacobs clutch was left sitting in it’s little bucket at the Blue Elephant bin. Oh, my heart.

So, in honor of what was and what could have been, our fashion sensibilities sent us back to Polyvore, where I created a Mad Men inspired collage.

The retro, super-sleek looks of our latest TV craze are making me crave a wardrobe full of well-tailored outfits (to wear while I’m chain smoking, adultering, and downing lots of bourbon and scotch).




One response

10 09 2008

YIPEE for 80%20 and you got the feather earrings! yipee!

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