Tracks: Sugao

10 09 2008

Local Austinite Sugao has recently released a new track for our consumption. The track, All That’s Left Behind, is her first collaboration with Marc Bianchi (Her Space Holiday) and will be appearing on her next album to be released in 2009. For now, you can download it for free courtesy of Galaxian Artist Collective‘s first compilation.

Sugao – All That’s Left Behind

Galaxian Presents –
1.) tattle tailor – whoa!coder
2.) mudbutt – so juicy
3.) wind up bird – fizzy dino pop (feat. Hitomi Toida)
4.) hot spot block – JW86
5.) do you know? – motoric mathematics
6.) everything is on ebay (fizzy dino pop remix) – motoric mathematics
7.) magical rainbow castle – JW86
8.) closeness – TURBO BLIP
9.) present day – so juicy
10.) the homecode – whoa!coder
11.) all that’s left behind – sugao (co-produced with Marc Bianchi)
12.) someone else’s ride (fizzy dino pop remix) – ghosthustler




2 responses

10 09 2008

awww shucks, thanks guys. local support, hurray!

13 09 2008

You know what’s cool? Having a friend who is a musician who makes *good* music!

We are so lucky we don’t have to pull out the evasive “Wow, that sounds like you put a lot of, uh, energy into it. Haven’t heard anything like that before!” praise for the gal behind Sugao.

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