Sounds: The Unbearables EP Release at Emo’s

11 09 2008

The Unbearables will be celebrating the release of their EP, “Autonomy vs. Shame,” this Thursday at Emo’s Lounge. It’s the first in a 3-part series, according to the band, with companion EPs scheduled for release in February and May of 2009. These busy bees also have a new full-length in the works set for release in July of 2009.

Their sound has been compared to Sufjan Stevens, which is apparent in their full orchestral sound and the choral-like female vocals on several tracks, including our personal favorite, “Zombies Unite.” After all, who doesn’t like a song about zombies, espeically with the refrain, “people, people, we’re gonna eat ’em!” sung in an angelic soprano chorus? The other songs we’ve heard so far lack the humor that comes with “Zombies,” which is actually from a previous EP (“Bitten”), but the orchestral/classical sound is still there, though these guys break out the electric guitars and rock riffs more than Sufjan… But they have some solid arrangements and lots of horns and strings, which we generally find enjoyable. That might warrant a live viewing Thursday at Emo’s. So listen for yourself and make plans accordingly!

The Unbearables are playing with DJ Jester, The Story of, and One Hundred Flowers. Doors open at 9 and admission is $5. And some of the members of this nine-piece ensemble live on the East Side, so it might be worth dropping in and saying hello to your neighbors, eh? (We’re feeling Canadian today.)

The Unbearables – The Daker Part

The Unbearables – The Loose Connection

The Unbearables – The Line




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11 09 2008

Thanks again for posting this, guys. 🙂

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