Shop: Rogue Running Equipment

16 09 2008

There aren’t quite as many shops in East Austin as one would hope, and if you are a runner, things are especially limited for you. Luckily, Rogue Running Equipment is doing a bang up job keeping the East Austin runners content. They have most of your equipment needs as a runner covered in the forms of shoes, socks, apparel, hydration, sunglasses, caps and most of all… motivation. The motivation comes in the form of running programs where you sign up for a program designed for running in it’s various forms. They are getting outstanding reviews on Yelp and judging by the very large running groups we see forming outside of their store, they have no problem keeping the runners happy. Click on the image below to see a few more pictures of their store.




2 responses

16 09 2008

All those early dawn Rogue runners do not run quietly. All that foot slapping and heavy breathing wakes my dogs up, and then they wake up the neighborhood. BTW Rogue runners, don’t be looking all freaked out, people that live around here are friendly. Try a good morning once in a while, you’ll get one back. Same goes for the evening runners (except the quiet part). Y’all all serious and all. Loosen up peeps. Have fun while you run.

Gracias y Adios.

17 09 2008

thanks Rico. . .that’s the truth. have fun. . .and watch out for pitbulls on the loose!

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